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Release 07 January 2022 – Week 01


  • SNG-3784 Pro Report: Implement {{SegmentedInterviews}} placeholder
  • SNG-3774 Support properties for line chart
  • SNG-3757 Reports: Pro/Basic: Label Online Report should be extended with Report Name
  • SNG-3739 Pro Report: New property should be added to define width of column in Rawdata tables
  • SNG-3730 Interval Labeling for Time-based Segmentation
  • SNG-3705 Chart Property: Legend Font Size Property
  • SNG-2712 [Frontend] Opt-Out: Add the option to use the opt-out placeholder in a survey (s)


  • SNG-3796 Calculation in the Chart “Development Performance Areas” is not correct.
  • SNG-3792 [frontend] Message templates: It should be possible to delete languages from the message template page
  • SNG-3789 [backend] Admin: Workspaces page: It should be possible to delete the workspace without any errors
  • SNG-3787 Sample/Panel: Order of Languages should be ascending according to the language key
  • SNG-3783 Library: Success info message should be displayed on the top of the page if changes were saved
  • SNG-3781 Pro Report: Placeholder is not resolved in tooltip
  • SNG-3780 Wrong NPS Calculation in basic report
  • SNG-3777 Runtime: NPS question: placeholders should be resolved
  • SNG-3776 Broken Time Segments
  • SNG-3770 Pro Report: table: order by due date does not work
  • SNG-3769 Analyze: Pro report chart: Tooltip settings (placeholders) for series cannot recognize the right row
  • SNG-3767 Runtime: If reopen screenouted personal link Instead of Screenout message displayed Thank you if survey has new version
  • SNG-3765 Pro Report: Problem with time-based segment labels
  • SNG-3763 Runtime: Third Party Sample: placeholder not resolved in redirected link if refresh page before submitting
  • SNG-3760 Pro Report: Time Segmentation: Looks like calculated results in report different from manual calculations
  • SNG-3756 Reports: Font size shouldn’t be changed
  • SNG-3754 Analyze: Pro Report: Column chart y-axis min and max value cannot be set
  • SNG-3750 Library: Back icon from opened item should redirected to Overview
  • SNG-3740 Build: Screening Section: Matrix type and number of ranks setting changes
  • SNG-3737 Max Value of x-Axis does not show up sometimes
  • SNG-3525 [backend]Workspace: Retention period for closed survey data: Interviews should be deleted after period passed
  • SNG-3387 Value Assignment help page shall be displayed in users language
  • SNG-3328 Admin: Tag box with several choices should be displayed according to the style guide within all apps
Updated on January 7, 2022

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