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Release 9 July 2021 – Week 27


  • SNG-2927 [backend] Survey Approval list

Change Requests

  • SNG-2502 Filter: String comparison should be case insensitive
  • SNG-2342 [front-end]: change variables
  • SNG-2317 Extend Error Logging
  • SNG-2250 [backend]: Third Party Sample: Response Statistics: Screenout and Quotafull statistics should be returned and displayed on UI


  • SNG-3152 prevent inconsistent reportdefinition in report
  • SNG-3149 FRONTEND: Froala adds uneccessary p-tags
  • SNG-3147 runtime: please show a valid error message when a old browser (e.g. ie 10 or 9) access the survey
  • SNG-3141 Remind Member Wizard: Issues
  • SNG-2970 Sampling project wizard: The Number of Recipients should not changing to previous value in Recipients step
  • SNG-2874 Create Survey: Should be possible to check ‘Upload.json’ checkbox each time
  • SNG-2461 Analyze page: Warning message should be display in Analyze page when deleting the report
  • SNG-1967 Message edit/Sampling Project Wizard: Remove navigation to link
  • SNG-779 Surveys: Name column is hidden if change width screen

Updated on October 17, 2023
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