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Sample cleaning

Note: Checking the quality of the sample is available for all users and is free of charge. Cleaning is only available for Account Administrators and Workspace Group Administrators and requires Credits.

Neverbounce specializes in B2C communication and validation of for instance Gmail, Outlook, GMX, Yahoo and Hotmail addresses. Verification of Email Servers (B2B communication) is not recommended.

If you want to add Credits to your account, please use our Universal Credits Calculator

Sample quality

The quality of your sample is crucial to determine the success of your survey. To enable you to maintain a high-quality sample you can check the email addresses before you distribute a survey. This allows you to maintain a low bounce rate and high email deliverability. The process is fully automated.

How does sample cleaning work?

When you are viewing the member overview of a sample you can select the “Check sample/panel” button. This will result in a quality check of the email addresses by our trusted partner Neverbounce.

In the example below the highlighted email address will not pass the check. Subsequently the steps to clean the sample are shown.

  • Select the “Check sample/panel” button.
  • When “Check sample/panel” button has been clicked the quality check will start:
  • In this example the result is an estimated bounce rate of 33.33% and the following warning message will be displayed.
  • To clean the sample the “Clean sample/panel” button is selected.
  • After the cleaning is completed you can:
    1. View the summary.
    2. Download the report of the deleted members which includes the email addresses.
  • The email addresses are automatically removed from your sample. In case of existing interviews the response data is still available.
  • You cleaned your sample successfully and are ready to distribute emails.

What are the costs for using the sample cleaning service?

The costs are €0.02 per email address that is part of the quality check. Costs are only charged when the “Clean sample/panel” button is clicked. For €1,- you can check and clean 50 email addresses.

The minimum fee to upload credits is €200,- and can be used for multiple seperate cleaning sessions.

What happens if I do not have sufficient credits?

The “Clean sample/panel” button is only available for Account Administrators and Workspace Group Administrators. In case of insufficient credits you will not be able to start the cleaning process.

When is the sample/panel quality not sufficient?

When the estimated bounce rate exceeds 2% this will result in a warning message and the option to clean your sample will be available.

What happens when new members are added after I checked the quality of my sample?

This will reset the quality status of the sample and allow you to perform a new quality check. The “Check sample/panel” button will reappear.

Updated on April 2, 2024
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