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Sample: Overview

A sample is a list of people you want to invite for one or more surveys. A sample contains the details of your respondents required for sending out a survey invitation.

There is no limit as to the size of the sample. The sample can therefore include more than one million sample members. However, there is a maximum of one million sample members that can be downloaded via Excel. If you want to download the data of more than one million sample members, you must make use of an API.

1. Search samples

In this field you can search on sample name. If you have a long list of samples, you can quickly and easily find a particular sample. Only samples with the specified character (e.g. M) or combination of characters (e.g. Manu) in the name will be displayed.

2. Show opt-out list

The opt-out list is a list of e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of sample members who can no longer be invited to participate in surveys from your workspace. For more information, see the Opt-out list topic in Survalyzer.

3. Create new sample

This button enables you to create a new local sample. To do this, you need to create and import an Excel file with sample data of participants. Click here for a description of this procedure.

4. List functionality

The icons indicate the following functions:

  1. Export: Opens a window which allows you to export the data of all listed sample members. After you have clicked on Download, these data will be included in an Excel file.
  2. Edit: Opens the Sample: Edit member screen where you can edit the data of sample members.
  3. Delete: Opens a warning window which allows you to delete the selected sample and all related interviews. The sample and interviews cannot be retrieved afterwards.
    If you want to delete the sample and the accompanying data including answers of all sample members, you have to select the Delete sample and quotas option, close the linked surveys and click the green Yes button.
    If you want to retain the survey answers of all sample members for viewing in the raw data, you must select the Delete sample only, but keep the interviews option (default option) in this window.

Updated on June 17, 2022
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