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Panel / Sample Overview

Panel Sample members page overview

This page gives a short overview of the Panel and Sample members page.

1. Sample / Panel Name

This is the name of the Panel / sample you have opened.

2. Settings

Within the settings, you can change the name and also add variables.

3. Edit table

By clicking this symbol, you can decide which information should be displayed in the table below.

4. Members List

The members’ list shows all members of your sample / Panel. By clicking on the row, you open that member. By clicking the trash icon you’ll delete that member.

Note: By deleting a member, you’ll delete all corresponding data, including response data.

5. Search Members

Use this field to search for members. It doesn’t matter what you are searching for, by using this field, all variables will be searched within the sample / Panel.

6. Add Member

By clicking here, you can add a member without uploading an Excel file.

7. Import from a file

Here you can upload an Excel file to import new members and edit existing ones. More information can be found at “What should my Excel upload file look like?

8. Export to file

The “export to file” button creates an Excel file containing all information. Use this file to edit all existing members and to re-upload the file. More information can be found at “What should my Excel upload file look like?

Updated on August 26, 2019

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