Download segmented report

When creating a segmented report, an Excel report can be downloaded during the Download stage.

Excel report

The Excel report displays on the first worksheet, i.e. Summary, the number of participants and the response rate per status, e.g. Completed.

The second worksheet displays any set filter conditions at the top of the screen. The segments defined for the survey are indicated below. In the example below, three segments have been created: class 1, class 2 and class 3. Based on the defined filters and segments, you could, for instance, examine whether a certain school subject is equally popular among all pupils of all classes, or whether there is a clear preference for a certain school subject among pupils of a certain class. Likewise, the preferences of pupils from one class can be compared to those of the pupils of all classes.

In any case, segments enable you to gather useful comparative material.

In the following worksheets, only the answer data that satisfy all set filter conditions will be displayed per question. Furthermore, all answers are split up into segments (e.g. class 1, class 2 and class 3). The last column, All, shows the numbers and corresponding distribution percentages of the answer options for which segmentation has NOT been applied. In other words, this is the answer distribution of all classes.

From the above picture, one can conclude, for example, that among all the filtered school subjects, there is a slight preference for the school subjects German and Geography in all classes. These statistics also show that among the pupils of:

  • class 1 there is a strong preference for the school subject Mathematics;
  • class 2 there is a clear preference for the school subject German;
  • class 3 there is a more than average preference for the school subject Geography.

Click here to access the Add new segmented Excel report screen from where this function can be initiated as well.

Updated on December 15, 2022
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