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Smart Sampling – Automailer

To give you the ability to partially use your Panel, we introduced smart sampling – automailer.

Within your panel you can choose the menu Samples

Within the sample menu of your Panel, you can see a list of your created samples, including their status.

Creation of a new smart sample

smart sampling: Overview of smart sample settings
1. Add Quota Cell

You can add new quota cells by clicking this button. After that, you can create a quota cell like a normal question filter.

2. Quota Overview

Here you can find all of the existing quotas of your smart sample. If the smart sample is in the field, you can see the status of your quotas on this page.

3. Sample Settings

The right hand bar enables you to edit the name of the sample, the chosen survey and the number of interviews you want to collect with this sample.

Note: Make sure that the sum of your quotas matches the number of interviews you want to collect.

4. Smart Sampling - Automailer

Here you can define the period in which the survey should be in the field with this sample. The Smart Sampling – Automailer will choose participants automatically, and send out invitations. To calculate the number of invitations that need to be sent out, smart sampling will have a trial period. In a trial period, the automailer sends out a small number of invitations to see how the quotas get filled. Depending on the outcome of the trial period, a cleverly calculated number of invitations for the field period then gets sent out.

The email invitation that should be used can be chosen here.

Show Related Distributors” will show you the invitations for an ongoing field period.

5. End of Survey Actions

smart sampling: End of survey actions

The “End of Survey Actions” show the messages a participant will see, and/or how they will be forwarded.

You can also see how the default quotas are performing.

6. Check Feasability

Once everything is set, you can check the sample feasibility. Even if the sample is not feasible, you can still begin the field period. If the sample is feasible, you can launch the sample.

smart sampling: review after fesability check

Prior to launching the sample, you can also review the settings. So it’s still possible to check and change all settings before launching.

smart sampling: review launch before effective launching

Updated on August 26, 2019

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