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Start button in a message

When receiving a survey invitation via e-mail, a participant can usually click on the start button (1) to launch the corresponding survey. This is the usual procedure.

However, as a precaution you can include the placeholder {{survey.personal_link}} (2) in the text box below of an invitation message (see also the Placeholders in messages topic). This placeholder will then contain a unique personal link in each email invitation that allows a participant to start the corresponding survey. This link can then be used, if the start button cannot be activated.

In order to include this placeholder, the following procedure must be observed:

  • Position the cursor in the text box of the message.
  • Click on the Rich Text Editor… link to open the RTE window.
  • Click the Placeholder icon (1) to append a placeholder section to the RTE window.
  • Unfold the survey placeholders (2); these are located under Survey.
  • Position the cursor at the position in the text box where you want to insert the placeholder (3).
  • Click {{survey.personal_link}} (4) to locate this placeholder at the indicated position in the textbox.
  • Click the green Save changes button (5).
Adjust text start button

To change the text on the start button, please carry out the following steps:

  • Click in the text box of the start button with for example the text “Start Survey”.
  • Click the Rich Text Editor… link to open the RTE window.
  • Change the text from “Start Survey” to, for example, “Run Questionnaire”.
  • Click the green Save changes button.

Once you have invited participants to fill out a survey using this message, they will have to click the “Run Questionnaire” button to start this survey.

Note: Even if you invite participants by e-mail to participate in a survey, you can still change the text of the start button in the course of this process. This is described in stage 4 (= Text) of the invitation process of a sample. This has absolutely no negative consequences. The participants then receive an invitation in which they can click the start button with the modified text.

Adjust colour start button

The colour of the start button can NOT be adjusted in the Messages menu, but only in the corresponding message layout. This is the layout on the basis of which the corresponding message is being designed. This message layout can be found in the message settings at the top right of the screen.

In order to access the Message layouts menu under the Library tab, you must have previously participated in a training program provided by one of the Survalyzer staff members. The purpose of this program is to inform you about, among other things, the effect of a settings change on a message layout. After all, a message layout can be damaged, however unintentionally, resulting in unreadable text. In addition, you must have a licence for the corporate package. Please contact our sales team for information on this latter product (sales@survalyzer.com).

Updated on September 13, 2022

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