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  4. Support tickets with “Create Support Request” Function – Why and How to create it?

Support tickets with “Create Support Request” Function – Why and How to create it?

Support tickets can’t be created by email from 01.08.2022 on. In this article you’ll find the reason for this change as well as a detailed description how to create tickets in the future.

Why can’t support tickets being created by email anymore?

The main reason for this change is to be able to help you, valued customers, faster and more efficiently. A targeted and quick response to support tickets will make you and our helpdesk staff more satisfied and ensure that you can also quickly create and evaluate your survey.

A quick and targeted answer to questions sent by email to support@survalyzer.com is often not possible because essential information is missing.

Essential information is for example in which workspace you are working, in which survey the problem occurs or which sample is affected by the problem. In addition, the answer often depends on your license. Asking for all this information each time increases the response time and leads to unnecessary question/answer rounds.

Please read in the following chapter how easy and fast you can send a support request to our helpdesk in the future:

How can I create support tickets after 1. August 2022?

You can call us

We offer phone support between 0900 and 1700 Central European Time

International: +31 (0)30 340 00 70

Germany: +49 (0)180 5 787 839

Switzerland: +41 (0)840 787 839

You can use the built in “Create support request” form in survalyzer

Creating support tickets is possible from the application on every page in the header with the link “Create Support Request” See the following screenshot.

Creating support tickets from the application

By clicking on the button a window appears, where you can add all required information which you would normally write into an email.

ticket creation screen

So what makes the difference in comparison with a regular email. After pressing the create button the following information is transmitted to us:

TenantThe unique identifier to find the customer in our system
E-MailThe email of the logged in user, which makes clear which user this ticket relates to
NameThe Survalyzer user name
User RoleThe role of the user which could be User, Workspace Admin or Account Admin
LicenseThe assigned License which could be Essential, Professional or Analytics Professional
URLThe URL where you created the ticket, this is very important since it tells us the workspace and the survey or sample you are referring to. Always create the ticket on the page you have the question or the issue
Ticket TypeTells us if you have a question or if you think you discovered a bug
DescriptionThis is basically where your information you’ve entered appears
AttachmentsAll attached files are available for us to check. Screenshots are always helpful to understand what you are referring to and how we can help.

As you can see, tickets being created out of the application contains a lot more meta information about you and your license which helps us to identify you and find the best solution for your license type. Also the URL provides us the context what you are currently working on. It frees you from the obligation to provide all the information and helps to get a faster response.

Updated on July 21, 2022
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