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Sampling project for sent e-mails

If the Send e-mail element is used in the survey, e-mails can be sent automatically from the survey. In order to allow the user to view the number of e-mails sent and the protocol for these e-mails, a special sampling project type can be selected, i.e. the Survey Distributor. Once the survey is activated, this will be reflected on the distribution page.

The icon indicates that it originates from the survey. The number of automatically sent e-mails is displayed in the bar. Using the Download protocol button, an Excel file is downloaded on which you will be presented with the following data:

Column headingData description
Email sent onDate & Time when the e-mail was sent
Recipients Mail AddressThe “To” e-mail address
From Mail AddressThe “From” e-mail address
Survey nameThe survey name
Survey IDThe survey ID
Section NameThe section name of the Send e-mail element
Element IDThe ID of the Send e-mail element
Sample/Panel IDThe ID of the sample/panel to which the interview belongs
Member IDThe ID of the sample/panel member to which the interview belongs
Panel LinkThe link to the sample/panel, if the interview belongs to a sample/panel member
Interview IDInterview ID to identify whether, for example, a member has filled out the survey more than once
BouncedThis is a “Yes” and “No” column, indicating whether this mail has been bounced
TypeIf it bounces, the type (Hard or Soft) is shown
ReasonIf it bounces, the reason for the bounce is shown
Updated on April 19, 2023
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