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Custom Survey Domain: Setup in three steps

With the new release of Survalyzer Next Generation the setup process for custom domains becomes easier than ever.

There is only one precondition to setup a custom domain:

  • You purchased the Survalyzer Corporate Package (If you haven’t please contact Sales)

The following steps which involves interaction between you, your IT department (DNS Management) and Survalyzer are necessary to complete the setup:

Step 1: Choose the domain name

We recommend feedback.yourcompany.com. If you want to use this domain also as an email domain please keep in mind that you have space for an additional SPF entry on the DNS of that domain. You can find all the necessary information here.

Step 2: Configure the DNS

Configure the following entries in the DNS-Zone of the chosen domain:

  • CH Datacenter
    • TXT-Record
      • Name: asuid.{yourcustomdomain} (e.g. asuid.feedback.example.com)
      • Value: 1D3190AAAAC051E920C7DC92C03675E2E668EB9F45CF30CAE81B4AA04DD89178
    • A-Record
      • Name: @ (e.g. feedback.example.com)
      • Value:
  • EU Datacenter
    • TXT-Record
      • Name: asuid.{yourcustomdomain} (e.g. asuid.feedback.example.com)
      • Value: C156708CA0C7DBE1EBAE3547D62CE93D23C9DA20D78DB1EA4E22553460AF68D2
    • A-Record
      • Name: @ (e.g. feedback.example.com)
      • Value:

The TXT-Record is the permission for Survalyzer to use this domain.
The A-Record points to the Server-Farm which should handle the requests.

Step 3: Issue a SSL certificate

For the SSL Certificate Survalyzer offers the following two possibilities:

SSL Certificate without company information

If no specific company information in the certificate is required, Survalyzer commissions a free of charge SSL certificate issued by ZeroSSL (https://zerossl.com/).

Survalyzer takes over the whole lifecycle handling from commissioning to prolongation before expiry. Therefore, customers don’t need to take care about anything.

Simply tell us that you want to choose this option and we care about the rest.

SSL Certificate with company information

With Survalyzer Next Generation we improved the SSL Certification process and provided an self service possibility.


After completing these steps please create a support ticket to inform us about the custom domain you’ve chosen, confirm that you’ve executed all the steps and attach the formatted issued SSL certificate and provide the authorization code. From there we do the rest for you and update you on your mail when all our steps are executed and the custom domain is ready to be used.

Updated on May 16, 2023

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