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Survey Credits: How to give Survey Credits?

Usually, when someone conducts a survey using their own Panel they want to give participants an incentive. In Survalyzer, the currency is Survey Credits. Credits can be used to redeem incentives (usually voucher codes), which Panel members can save up. The value of one credit is defined by you; if you want your Panel members to be able to get a $10.00 voucher they may have to collect 100 or 1,000 Credits.

To give a survey credit to your Panel member, simply set the panel sync as a profile survey and add a value assignment to your survey.

Note: The value assignment should be the last element of your survey. This will ensure that the Panel member receives survey credits only after they complete the survey.

Once the panel sync is in place, all Panel variables are available in the value assignment menu.

panel variables available in value assignment containing the Survey Credits variable

To add Credits, select this variable from the drop-down menu. The amount of credit which should be added, can then be specified.

Value in Value Assignment for the Survey Credits that need to be added
This setting will add 50 Survey Credits to the already existing Credits the participant has
Updated on June 27, 2022
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