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Copying survey incl. answers to other workspace

Difficulty level: Difficult

Users with the Professional licence type can copy a survey with answers both within the same workspace and to another workspace they have access to. The procedure is as follows:

Note: An account admin has access to all workspaces in the organisation and can copy such surveys to any workspace in the organisation.

  • Open a survey for which you have collected answers.
  • Click the Download button at the top right of the screen of the opened survey (framed in red) for the Download screen to appear.
  • Select the survey language to be used for export on this screen (1). You will only see this selection field, if the survey has been prepared in more languages.
  • Select the JSON survey definition download format (2).
  • Select after this the option Download JSON survey definition, sample/panel data and raw data as ZIP bundle (3).
  • Click the green Download button (4) in order for a ZIP file to be downloaded to your PC.
  • Exit the download screen and the survey to return to the overview screen listing the surveys.
  • Select a workspace you have access to for a screen to appear with the surveys of the corresponding workspace.
  • Click the green Create new survey button (framed in red) in order to open the New survey window (see below).
  • Enter in it a name for the new survey (1), select the default language (2), tick the Upload .json setting (3) and click the Create button (4). The JSON survey file import window will then be opened.
  • Click in the blue-grey field (1) and select the previously downloaded ZIP file. This file is then inserted below this field on the left (see red arrow).
  • Click the Create button (2) afterwards in order for the copied survey to be opened directly in the other workspace. This survey initially does not yet contain any answers.
  • Click the Activate survey button to add the answers provided by the participants. The answer counter on the overview screen (circled in red) now displays exactly the same number as in the original survey.
Updated on April 7, 2023
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