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A participant can’t access or open a survey

Occasionally, an invited participant can’t access or open a survey.

Before you contact Survalyzer Support, try a few things first. For example, what happens when you open the URL of the participant?

Problem is not reproducible

If the survey opens on your computer without any noticeable problems, the problem is most likely on the participant’s side (i.e. temporary Internet problems).

Ask the participant to try again. If it’s still not working, the participant should try it on a different device (e.g. a smartphone or tablet). If the problem still occurs, ask which error message the participant sees. If it’s “survey not ready”, send the invitation URL again, as they are using an earlier version.

If the problem is still not fixed, please contact Survalyzer Support.

Problem is reproducible

If you experience the same problem as the participant, check the following:

  • The link list
    • Does the URL exist?
    • What’s the status of this participant?
      • If the status is “completed”: is the survey set to “prevent multiple participation”?
  • Do other participants have the same problem? (test the URLs of other participants)
  • Does the anonymous link work?
  • Does the participant still exist in the Panel or were they deleted?
  • The end date of the survey
    • Has the end date of the survey expired?
  • The quota of the survey
    • Does a quota exist that excludes the participant?
    • Is a quota full that would exclude the participant?

If these things are checked and no solution is found, please contact Survalyzer Support.

If the support must be informed

If you need to contact Survalyzer Support, please provide the following information:

url to survey that the participant can't open / access the survey
  • Invitation URL of the participant (URL to questionnaire)
  • URL to Build page of the survey, e.g. https://admin.survalyzer.com/workspace-1111#/survey/9999/build/
  • Any information you’ve collected about the problem:
    • What was tried and what was the result of this?
    • If only one, or a handful of participants have the problem: Information about the browser(s) and operating system(s) of this/these participant/s (if known)
  • How many participants are affected (if known)

Survalyzer Support will look at this problem as soon as possible.

Updated on June 24, 2022
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