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Third party sample: What is it?

The third party sample distributor enables you as a Survalyzer user to create a connection between a panel provider and your Survalyzer survey.

The workflow after everything is setup correctly in Survalyzer looks like this:

The yellow arrows and steps are happening in the system of the panel provider
The blue arrows and steps are happening within your Survalyzer survey
  1. The panel provider invites members from its panel to your survey
  2. If the the panel member clicks the invitation link, he will be forwarded from the panel provider to your Survalyzer survey.
    • In most cases the link to Survalyzer includes a unique member id of their panel
    • That member id is usually saved in the URL variable 01
  3. At Survalyzer an interview gets started
  4. The respondent fills out the survey
  5. When the interview reaches a finished state (like Complete, Screenout or Quota Full)
  6. The respondent gets forwarded by the Survalyzer survey back to the panel provider
    • Each state can have it’s own link defined by the panel provider
    • Usually includes:
      • Interview status
      • Project ID (usually)
      • Unique member ID
      • Language (optional)
  7. Since the forwarding includes the unique member ID, the panel provider can identify who finished the survey including the final state of the interview (Complete, Screenout or Quotafull)
  8. Based on these information the panel provider can create an invoice based on the number of verified completes.

As you can see there is a communication happening based on URL forwardings between the panel provider and the Survalyzer survey.

More information about the individual steps can be found here:

Step 2: URL Forwarding from Panel Provider to Survalyzer -> This page is created for panel Providers

Step 6: URL Forwarding from Survalyzer to the panel provider


Third party sample: How to test my setup

URL Variables

Updated on July 9, 2024
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