Token Authentication?

Token authentication enables you to send out your survey URL and the identification / authentication, via a separate token.

For example, you want to send out an invitation to the survey via email, but you want to send the authentication code to your survey by paper mail (for additional security and identification). If this is the case, token authentication is the right option for you.

By accessing the survey via a token, the participant is authenticated and also identified. So all variables from the sample are available as placeholders and filter conditions.

How can I set up token authentication?

Authentication is a survey setting. When you click on “Add Authentication with Token” you’ll see a drop-down to choose samples to connect to the survey.

token authentication sample drop down

You connect the Panel to the survey by clicking on the checkbox on the left hand side of the Panel name.

Once this is set, the participant will always see the “Enter Token Page“.

authentication page

Text can be edited by changing the default label / texts on the survey settings.

Note: Tokens need to be unique within connected panels. An error message will be displayed if a token is used more than once over all connected panels.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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