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Note: You can only use this function, if you are a Professional Analytics User.

If you are going to work with this functionality for the first time, it is recommended that you test the procedure thoroughly. The procedure will be described by means of an example.

Suppose you have 7 completed surveys of which 1 is a trial survey (see image above). In order to delete this trial survey, you must proceed according to the following procedure:

  • Open the corresponding survey and go to the Analyze page (1).
  • Click on the Changing raw data by Excel upload icon (2), in order to display the Upload raw data screen.
  • Click the Download current raw data file (3) button in this screen in order to generate an Excel file at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Open this file containing the 7 answers (in this example) and enable editing.
  • Enter the value 1 in the last column of this Excel file (_will_be_deleted_) for the survey to be deleted. This is the survey whose answers are to be deleted.
  • Delete all rows that you didn’t do any changes for. This will prevent from accidentally changing the data in those interviews.
  • Save this file on your PC under another name, if necessary.

  • Click in the Drop elements here box (4) in the same upload screen and select the adjusted Excel file on your PC. After selection, this file is located under the grey box on this upload screen. See the red arrow.
  • Click the Upload button (5) to display an overview of the total number of rows found (1 row per answer) in the Excel file. Below this you can see the number of unchanged, updated, deleted, added and ignored rows. In our example, this involves 6 unchanged rows and 1 deleted row (i.e. the deleted test survey).
  • Click finally the Import button (6). The import process will be initiated. You will have to be patient for a while. At some time you will notice that the import is completed.

In the survey overview you will now see that the trial survey has been deleted. Moreover, the number of completed surveys has been reduced from 7 to 6.

Updated on July 3, 2024
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