URL forwarding

For this element, you have two options at your disposal:

  • Forward to URL (Professional user)

This option allows you to forward a participant to the defined target URL. This target URL can be specified in the URL (forwarding address) field on the right side of the screen. This can be the URL of any page, but it can also be the anonymous link on the Distribute page of another survey, e.g. https://survalyzer.survalyzer.eu/juzqrjfnvw?l=en.

The URL (forwarding address) field is also used to include a survey placeholder as {{survey(925).interview_link}}. A created personal link will then be inserted at the position of this placeholder. The number 925 mentioned here is the ID of the target survey. You will find this ID in the first column of the survey overview in Survalyzer.

  • Forward to end page

This option allows you to forward a participant to the end of the survey if, for example, it turns out that he/she does not belong to the desired target group while answering a specific question. This participant will then not have to answer the remaining questions of the survey.

You can indicate the status to be submitted when the participant is redirected to a target URL or the thank-you page:

  • In progress: This status can be used, if it is intended that the participant should be able to continue his/her survey where he/she left off within Survalyzer. In this case, the participant will be redirected back to the survey, as soon as the survey link is re-opened. Hence, the URL forwarding element is only triggered once.
  • Complete: Once the participant has passed this point, he/she cannot return or continue the survey. The survey link in the invitation cannot be relaunched either. Yet, the survey of this participant receives the Completed status, even though he/she has NOT entirely completed the survey due to the forwarding action.
  • Screenout: This status functions in virtually the same way as the Complete status. In this case, the survey of this participant receives the ScreenOut status. You will see this, for example, when you download the raw data from the survey (see image below).

Suppose you want to exclude a participant from the survey based on his/her age, as this participant does not belong to your target group. You can express your gratitude for the effort made by the participant and subsequently exclude him/her from further participation in the survey. This participant then does not have to answer the remaining questions of the survey. To set this up, you can use a filter with this element.

If, for example, you apply a filter as shown in the image above, a participant who answers question q2 (= What age group do you belong to?) from the corresponding survey by selecting option 3 (= Over 65 years of age) will be forwarded directly to the target URL you have defined or to the thank-you page.

Updated on March 7, 2023
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