Validation: E-mail 1 = E-mail 2

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What does the functionality do?

You can use this function, if you ask a participant in a survey to enter his/her e-mail address twice; the second time is then only for verifying the e-mail address that the corresponding participant entered the first time.

Use case and how to set it up?

In order to set up this function, proceed as follows:

  • Include the E-mail question type for the first e-mail address in your survey and formulate the question, e.g. ‘What is your e-mail address?’. The response data type is: Email.
  • Repeat the above-mentioned step for the second e-mail address which should be the same as the first e-mail address. Once again, the response data type to use is Email.
  • Subsequently, add the Validation question type to the survey. The validation element can be inserted below the two e-mail address questions.
  • Specify the error message a participant will see, when he/she enters an e-mail address in the second e-mail question which deviates from that in the first e-mail question.
  • Click the Edit conditions button (outlined in purple) to launch the Filter window which allows you to record the following data:
    • Show this validation message
    • if – Calculation – equals(q1,q2) – = (is equal to) – false
  • Click the green Save changes button.

NoteThe calculation in the filter tests whether the e-mail address entered by a participant in the question with screen code q2 is EQUAL to the e-mail address entered by him/her in the question with screen code q1.

See also: Value Assignment Functions

Updated on November 16, 2022

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