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Webinar – Quarterly Webinar with CEO April 2022

Learn more about Survalyzer Dashboard, our new product in this webinar. The content of the webinar is divided into five videos to help you navigate between the content.

Product Overview

Duration: 01:53
In the following video we give an overview of the products Survalyzer offers.

A Sample Survey Result Dashboard

Duration: 03:11
In this video you see a Survey Result Dashboards created with Survalyzer Dashboard.

Survalyzer Dashboard – 8 Components

Duration: 03:21
Learn more about the key components of the new product Survalyzer Dashboard.

Layout Builder

Duration: 05:59
The Layout Builder is one of eight Survalyzer dashboard components and enables the creation of a customised visual dashboard design. Any design requirement, no matter how challenging, can be solved with the Layout Builder.

Page Builder

Duration: 05:57
The Page Builder is another Survalyzer dashboard component and allows you to create dashboard pages and freely arrange charts and tables on these pages.

Updated on April 23, 2022
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