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Word & PDF Export > How to customize template files for Surveys, Interviews and Reports

Feature available for accounts with Corporate Extensions add-on or Professional Analytics license

Word and PDF exports are two of the available export formats for your surveys, interviews and reports in Survalyzer.

In this article it is explained how to customize template files behind those exports, so that e.g. they include your brand logo, colors, fonts, etc.

Download Clean Word template files

How template files work?

  1. Word template files are responsible for how your exports look like (colors, fonts, header & footer, spacing, etc.)
  2. Word and PDF exports are both based on the same Word template file.
  3. Surveys, interviews and reports can use the same or different Word template files, depending on your needs (mostly related to title pages).
  4. Word template file defines how your export content looks like, if the online version is not additionally styled in Rich Text Editor.
  5. The styles you define in Rich Text Editor of the online version will overwrite styles defined in the word template file (e.g. for specific survey question or report header text).

Where to configure which template file is used for what?

Option A: Set template files for entire account

Option B: Set template files for specific workspaces

Option C: Set template files for specific Professional Reports

How to customize word template files?

If you want to customize your word and pdf exports, we recommend to start with our most current clean word template files linked at the beginning of this page. Periodically they are updated with new styles or defaults, so that you can have the easiest possible start.

You can assume different approach to customizing templates, depending on the time you have vs expected result. If you need, you can control almost every single element of the exports (see level 3 below).

The steps and rules are exactly the same for all 3 export types: Survey, Interview, and Report.

Level 1 (Quick and easy): Logo, theme colors, theme font

Level 1 steps description

  • Open downloaded template file in MS Word.
  • Go to Design tab and change theme colors and fonts. It is advised to set the same 6 accent colors as you can find in Survalyzer account settings > color schemes, so that word native charts look the same as in your online report.
  • Double-click in the header section of the document, add your logo.
  • Save the file and upload it to the right place, according to rules listed in previous section.

Level 2 steps description

To view and manage content placeholders in Word template file:

  • Open Word template file
  • Select all (ctr + A on your keyboard or with your mouse)
  • Right-click mouse, select “Toggle Field Codes”

Now you can see and edit all content related placeholders. You can style and move them to your needs. You can also delete all of them if not needed, apart from the {SurveyContent}.

Level 3 (Advanced): Adjust and control each export detail with connected Word styles

Level 3 steps description

  • Download Word export of the survey or report
  • Open “Styles” management window (see video for reference)
  • By clicking on export content, investigate which style is responsible for which content
  • Open Word template file
  • Open “Styles” management window
  • Right-click on the style you would like to change -> “modify”.
  • Apply your desired style changes to the selected style, click save
  • Save improved word template file, upload to files & media library, test with your export

Additional Tips & Tricks

Further customization of Professional Reports for exports

Professional Reports have additional settings and logic dedicated to making exports look as expected. You will find details on this page: Word & PDF Export > Professional Report Settings

Use custom font in PDF Exports

It is possible to use custom fonts in PDF Exports, that are not normally available in MS Word. In order to achieve that, you need to embed the font file in the word template file.


  1. Install custom font file on your computer
  2. Open your word template file
  3. Set your custom font as theme font, as described in sections above
  4. Go to: File → Options → Save → select “Embed fonts in the file” setting
  5. Save file.

You may notice that word template file size increased, because it has font file attached to it.

Note: Not all custom fonts will work correctly with all types of export content. It is advised to use TTF font file format if possible.

Control page breaks in survey and interview exports

When you click on “page break” survey element, in the sidebar you will find a setting allowing to also force page break in the export

Updated on July 3, 2024
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