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What are workspace groups?

workspace group list

The use of workspace groups (particularly for large companies) has a huge advantage. Workspace groups enable you to split all of your users and workspaces into several groups. In other words, each workspace group contain all users and workspaces which belong to that group.

Note: Sometimes it takes a while to load the account information page, expecially when a lot of users and workspaces have to be loaded. Please be patient.

new workspace group form

Each group can have their own group admin, who can manage that group. The workspace group can also have a maximum number of users and workspaces. In this way, the account admin still retains control over the groups.

To set a workspace group admin you can choose any user within that workspace group.

Note: A workspace group admin always has access to all available workspaces within that group. So no permissions within the group for the admin can be set. Keep that in mind when starting to use workspace groups. Not every user is supposed to have access to all workspaces.

Note: New Workspace Group Admins should always be trained in basic tasks such as adding new users, adding new workspaces and setting permissions. Therefore, take your time to train your group admins.

Updated on August 26, 2019

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