Getting Started with Professional Analytics: Tutorials Level 1

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Welcome to tutorials level 1 on how to use the Professional Report Builder.

These step by step videos will familiarize you with the set of quick & easy features that will enable you to create your own custom dashboards. They cover the most often used statistics and visualizations so that you can create a report like the one below:

Link to the live tutorial dashboard

All the videos together take around 45 minutes to complete. Most videos are between 0:30-1:30m, so that you can quickly select and learn what you currently need.

Create your first professional report

Learn how to create your first table, chart, text and report filter and put them all together.

Create your first dashboard in 3 minutes

Table wizard: default tables and charts for common question types

Learn how to create default tables and charts used for common question types, using table wizard. No need to change any settings in the process.

1. Single Response | Bar Chart

2. Single Response | Pie Chart

3. Multiple Response | Column Chart

4. NPS | Solid Gauge Chart

5. Matrix 1-6 scale | Stacked bar chart

6. Open Question: Text | WordCloud chart

Report and Table filtering

Learn how to filter the entire report or specific table.

7. Report Filter | Only Completed Interviews

8. Table Filter with Table Wizard

9. Table Filter with sidebar setting

Table Wizard: working with different aggregators

Learn how to use aggregators in table wizard to achieve pivot tables other than default ones.

10. Single Response | Mean | Gauge Chart

11. Matrix 1-6 scale | Mean | Spider Chart

12. Single Response | Top 2 Box | Gauge Chart

13. Matrix | Top 2 | Bar Chart

Table Wizard: Segmentation

Learn how to create segmented tables using table wizard. You can segment by time, by variable, or create more custom segments based on desired conditions.

14. Segmentation: Time | Matrix | Mean | Line Chart

15. Segmentation: Variable | Matrix | Percentage | Stacked Bar Chart

16. Segmentation: Custom | Matrix | Mean | Column Chart

Report Pages

Learn how to place content on your report pages, create dynamic placeholders and provide report filters for your report viewers.

17. Report Pages | Placing content

18. Report Pages | Placeholders: Total counts of Chart or Table

19. Report Pages | Placeholders: Values from table cells

20. Report Pages | Manage pages

21. Report Pages | Dynamic Report Filters

AI Sentiment and Topics Analysis

Learn how to use AI for open text analytics.

22. AI Sentiment and Topics Analysis | Initial set-up

23. AI Sentiment and Topics Analysis | Raw data table with results per each open comment

24. AI Sentiment and Topics Analysis | Topics count pivot table

25. AI Sentiment and Topics Analysis | Sentiment count pivot table

Raw data table

Learn how to create custom raw data tables.

26. Custom Raw Data Table

Download Demo Survey & Report (optional)

We recommend to practice on your own survey and data. However, if you want to train on our Demo Survey & Report, follow the steps below:

Download, upload and activate Demo Survey & Report

Updated on January 22, 2024
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