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Release 03 June 2022 – Week 22


  • SNG-4150 Max [COUNT] Series or Categories
  • SNG-3996 Superadmin: Extend Excel Export
  • SNG-3954 [Backend] Report Builder: Gauge Chart Thresholds Parametrization
  • SNG-3709 Refactor Frontend Bundle Size


  • SNG-4173 Report: Exception shouldn’t be displayed if open report with rawdata table (that has other than question variables)
  • SNG-4171 Report Builder: Tables: Error shouldn’t be thrown is extend columns settings for a table
  • SNG-4163 Infras: Data Loss in Runtime if sync with member variable is on
  • SNG-4157 Report Builder: Create: Changes in Add Content
  • SNG-4152 Report Builder: Create: New Page should be added with Layout Row element in it
  • SNG-4142 Report Builder: Issues with Report Name field
  • SNG-4137 [Frontend] Opt-Out page doesn’t work always and shows a login screen instead
  • SNG-4134 [Frontend] Report Builder: Build: page title should only be 1 value, whereas it can be updated from 2 places
  • SNG-4131 [Backend] Report Refactoring: Stacked Bar Chart: Order and color issues
  • SNG-4127 [Backend] Generated Report: Selected Excel color scheme should be applied to all charts
  • SNG-4125 Admin: Analyze: Basic and Pro Report buttons shouldn’t be grayed out for user having Analyze license
  • SNG-4121 [Backend] Reports: Minimum required number of interviews setting should not be applied to Draft Survey
  • SNG-4120 Report Builder: Build page: Issues with adding and moving elements
  • SNG-4119 [Backend] Report: Segmented Excel Report doesn’t show the segment values Language
  • SNG-4114 Report: Cube calculation issues
  • SNG-3211 [Backend] Draft Survey: 5 Interviews limit: Issues
  • SNG-3096 Cube: Online report: Selected filters should be applied to the questions
  • SNG-2441 Sampling Project: Completes statistics is wrong if answer on Invitation that was hard bounce, email changed and Interview Submitted
Updated on October 17, 2023

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