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Release 10 June 2022 – Week 23


  • SNG-4183 [Backend] Use Http Client in the intended way
  • SNG-4160 [Frontend] Survey Variable Tooltips in Table Builder
  • SNG-4145 [Backend] Move calculation engine to AZ Function
  • SNG-4144 [Backend] Validate the Cube update infrastructure
  • SNG-3608 [Frontend] REPORT BUILDER – Table – Cell Template – Background Range Color


  • SNG-4182 [Frontend] Update NPM Packages
  • SNG-4178 Panel: Incentive: Error should not be thrown if open page with existing item in it
  • SNG-4177 Super admin: 2 columns should be added to 2nd sheet in Excel Export
  • SNG-4167 Filter doesn’t show items correctly if HTML is used
  • SNG-4166 Report Builder: useSidebar property in report definition shouldn’t be related to sidebar in Report Builder page
  • SNG-4164 Apply CellTemplates of BasicTable same as for Pro Table
  • SNG-4161 Report Builder: Gauge Chart should be responsive, be visible in all available space
  • SNG-4153 Report Builder: Create: Issues in Manage Pages modal and Sidebar
  • SNG-4135 Report Builder: Build: Styling set in RTE should be displayed in Online Report
  • SNG-3854 [Backend] Admin: Tooltips text should not be displayed in question labels in filters, translation page, Distribute/Report wizard
  • SNG-3806 Build page: Placeholder {{survey.opt_out}} should be present in VA in “Available placeholders” section
  • SNG-3326 [Backend] Report: Summary page doesn’t work with server-side calculation
  • SNG-3302 [Backend] Panel: All members should be exported into excel file
  • SNG-3230 [Backend] Analyse: ppt missing default slide creation done in wrong order?
  • SNG-3071 [Frontend] Admin: Basic/Segmented reports: The delay should be when entering data in the field
Updated on October 17, 2023

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