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Release 19 August 2022 – Week 33


  • SNG-3804 [Backend] Pro Report: Property for Alphabetical (A-Z) Sorting of Data sources Results


  • SNG-4482 [Frontend] Report doesn’t refresh
  • SNG-4481 [Backend] CleanupDeletedEntitiesAccountJob throws exception for Notification
  • SNG-4477 Report Builder: Dynamic Report Filter: Search should be working in Default Value in Add/Edit Dynamic Filter modal
  • SNG-4474 Member fields in answer pdf is not resolved
  • SNG-4472 Report Builder: Pivot/Rawdata: Column is sortable setting should be available only, if “Enable Sorting” property checked
  • SNG-4468 Segmented Excel Report is available for professionals
  • SNG-4466 [Backend] Sort AvailableFilterValues alphabetically
  • SNG-4465 Report Builder: Tables: Loading icon and Summary rows should not jump on the page
  • SNG-4463 [Backend] ReadSurveyData doesn’t return the new question types
  • SNG-4462 Increase Metadata Limit from 20k to 50k
  • SNG-4459 Pro Report: Dynamic Report Filters: In Tag Box if label is too long then user is not able to click delete icon, because it isn’t displayed
  • SNG-4458 Pro Report: cannot clear filter of the tag box type
  • SNG-4456 [Frontend] Pro Report: Pivot Table: There should be a checkbox that enables/disables CalculateRowResult property for the Pivot table
  • SNG-4455 Prod: Pro Report: Exception is thrown if open pro report (online and report builder)
  • SNG-4454 Report Builder: Pivot: Column name should be Column{1}
  • SNG-4453 [Frontend] Report Builder: Pivot table: Exception thrown if set Base Variable to String variable and set “Select from Row/Column”
  • SNG-4452 Report Builder: Switching between tabs shouldn’t request read methods each time
  • SNG-4451 Pro Report: Pivot table: Validation error not removed and aggregator value is not reset
  • SNG-4440 Report Builder: Dynamic Report Filter: It should be possible to delete default value for the filter
  • SNG-4291 [Frontend] Admin: Analyze: Disabled buttons should be grayed out and have message “upgrade your license”
Updated on October 17, 2023
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