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Release 22 July 2022 – Week 29


  • SNG-4344 [Backend] Create Ticket using Zendesk API
  • SNG-4151 [Frontend] Extend VA to read variables from jwt token


  • SNG-4364 Report Builder: Dynamic Report Filters: Language set to English, in Default value drop-down displayed Dutch labels
  • SNG-4363 Report Builder: should be possible to add Group
  • SNG-4362 [Backend] Report: Login Page: User not able to login, 403 forbidden returned for ReadReportVariables
  • SNG-4360 Roll-out of analytics professional BETA
  • SNG-4359 Reports: Translation keys are not replaced with correct labels for non English Language
  • SNG-4358 [Frontend] Report Builder: Tables: Calculated Raw data columns and Cell templates are not working
  • SNG-4357 Reports: Tables: Sorting of non-string data types in the grid is not working correctly
  • SNG-4356 Pro Report: Raw Data Table: Hover effect is present, but user is not able to drop question variable onto the table
  • SNG-4354 in “my profile” user type: Analytics professional is not visible
  • SNG-4353 Report Builder: Report Pages: Changes in “User Report Navigation” checkbox
  • SNG-4349 Report Builder: Tables: Error thrown when adding Column Interview State (specific report)
  • SNG-4341 Panels: When variable labels consist of multiple elements, the first elements are chopped off
  • SNG-4336 Report Builder/Reports: Tooltip added in RTE should be displayed
  • SNG-4333 Report Builder: Tables: Extra Column added for Summary Row labels – shouldn’t be possible to delete or move
  • SNG-4332 Report Builder: Table: Only Integer and Real data type should be included in Summary Row
  • SNG-4331 Report Builder: Tables: the same summary row section shouldn’t be displayed for all added raw data tables
  • SNG-4330 Report Builder: Design page: Issues
  • SNG-4329 Report Builder Design/ Online Report: Exception is thrown when resetting filters
  • SNG-4328 Report Builder Design/ Online Report: Dynamic Report filters: Apply/reset buttons should be displayed if select All Values in multi select drop-down
  • SNG-4327 Report Builder: Dynamic Report Filters: Issues 3
  • SNG-4326 Report Builder Design/ Online Report: Exception thrown if set and reset filters
  • SNG-4320 [Backend] Analyze: Raw data Export: Error message is displayed when downloading SPSS report
  • SNG-4312 Analyze Page: Icons differences for Essential and Professional Users
  • SNG-4309 Analyze: Manage Code Plan: Rank Order question issue
  • SNG-4306 Reports: Login Page: Forgot Password link should be available
  • SNG-4304 Report Builder: Dynamic report filters: issues 2
  • SNG-4270 [Frontend] Investigate ReadReportMetadata
  • SNG-4261 [Frontend] Report Builder: Design Page: Page Title styling is not fully applied in Design Page
  • SNG-4253 Report Builder: Design: Response statistics (front/summary page) shouldn’t be included in Pro Report
Updated on February 15, 2023

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