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Release 27 May 2022 – Week 21


  • SNG-4012 REPORT BUILDER PRO – Raw Data Builder
  • SNG-3287 Add hint text that explains the SMS calculation(s)
  • SNG-3274 QR-Code Generation for General Link in the Distribute Page(s)
  • SNG-2406 Implementation Survalyzer Default color scheme


  • SNG-4133 Updating Date Fields in Matrix don’t work as normal date fields
  • SNG-4129 Charts in Surveys do not work anymore
  • SNG-4128 Admin User: It should be possible to add a new user
  • SNG-4124 DGF Dashboard: Click on word cloud should just show the answers which include that word in the open comment
  • SNG-4122 Report is crashing in Portal context with exceptions (loading race conditions)
  • SNG-4118 Report Builder: Raw data: Should be possible to add the same variable twice
  • SNG-4116 Report: Online External: Online External report issues
  • SNG-4115 Build: Value assignment: Writing data into sample/panel variables should be case insensitive regarding variable names
  • SNG-4112 Report Builder: Build page: Issues1
  • SNG-4106 Admin: Report Layout: Default font-family setting should be applied for every text
  • SNG-4101 Admin: Report Layout: Page Title and Page icon are not working
  • SNG-2641 [frontend] Segmented report: Segment: The Date should be displayed correctly in Segmented report when entered in Date field manually
Updated on October 17, 2023
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