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Release 29 July 2022 – Week 30


  • SNG-4343 [Frontend] Add support for sending delay for distributors and reminders
  • SNG-4311 [Frontend] New property for slots: Exclude slot from exports
  • SNG-4293 [Frontend] Managing Long Variable List in “Manage Code Plan” and Panel Variable Context
  • SNG-4204 [Frontend] Jump from Tile to Table / Chart


  • SNG-4390 Report Builder: Exception thrown when adding static filter and trying to leave Report Builder
  • SNG-4383 [Frontend] Report: Closing Wizard ends up in Crash
  • SNG-4382 [Frontend] Redirect after Login doesn’t work
  • SNG-4379 Report Builder: Tables: Columns in the table shouldn’t jump when update happens on the page
  • SNG-4378 [Frontend] Analyse: Basic report: Link for external viewers does not show the report
  • SNG-4377 Report Builder: Tables: Exception thrown if add columns to raw data tables
  • SNG-4376 Report Builder: Tables: Save button shouldn’t be disabled until all fields are populated in Add/Edit Condition modal
  • SNG-4375 Pro Report: Error shouldn’t be displayed if right click with mouse on the column header (in column all pro properties disabled)
  • SNG-4374 Pro Report: Tables: Issue with Paging setting
  • SNG-4373 Pro Report: Error shouldn’t be thrown if click on Filter icon for the column
  • SNG-4371 Login Page: After user entered username/password – clicked Enter key should be clicking on Login button
  • SNG-4367 [Frontend] Remove deprication warning
  • SNG-4351 [Backend] Generated Report: Key Account, Land and CL generated reports issues
  • SNG-4337 [Backend] Report Builder: Tables: Advanced Cell Template functionality issues
  • SNG-4334 [Frontend] Implementation of filter dialogs in report and table
  • SNG-4323 [Backend] Accept limitations of Word and PowerPoint
  • SNG-4317 [SNG-4270] Report Builder: Dynamic Report Filters: Question variables with default values should be available in drop-down without any editings on Manage Code Plan page
  • SNG-4308 Reports: interviews should not be included if # of prod interview less than required # of interviews. survey in revision
  • SNG-4303 Report Builder: Dynamic report filters: Available Variables should be extended
  • SNG-4277 Pro Reports: Some lines in Line chart has white color or almost white – not able to see these lines (or dots)
  • SNG-4181 Report Refactoring: PPTX: Tooltips if hover over the slide should be displayed
  • SNG-4130 Report Wizard: If select Report Layout then Color Scheme selection should be hidden
  • SNG-4046 [Frontend] Report Refactoring: NPS: Mean value shouldn’t be rounded off to an integer
Updated on February 15, 2023

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