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Release 30 September 2022 – Week 39


  • SNG-4600 [Backend] Report Optimization: Only return what is really needed
  • SNG-4597 [Frontend] Encrypt panelMember node of StartInterview
  • SNG-4506 [Frontend] Pro Report: Distribute Page (download exports + online report link)


  • SNG-4611 Report Builder: Charts: Tooltips shoudn’t stuck on the page if add first chart on the page
  • SNG-4609 [Backend] Pro Report: Table filter conditions bring wrong result
  • SNG-4608 Report Builder: Charts: selection from Column Chart type reset in sidebar if navigate from and back to the page
  • SNG-4607 Report Builder: Report pages: Exception is thrown if I click Manage Pages
  • SNG-4606 Reports: Tables in Excel Export not present
  • SNG-4605 Report Builder: Charts: Label Rotation field should has default value populated
  • SNG-4596 Rawdata export: Add checkbox for EmailOpened state
  • SNG-4592 Report Builder: Tables page: Show raw data value checkbox should be hidden for variables without meta data
  • SNG-4591 Report Builder: Tables page: Column should correctly display labels, allow to filter and display that in excel export
  • SNG-4586 [Backend] Adding analytics professional user in non-license accounts
  • SNG-4584 Chart Builder: Legends Label cannot be set
  • SNG-4581 Chart Builder: Show table name (not guid)
  • SNG-4572 [Frontend] Runtime: NPS: redundant rt-element displayed
  • SNG-4559 Pro Report: Special characters in group and page titles should be decoded
  • SNG-4556 Report Builder: Dynamic Filter: For single select type should be present delete icon, to remove default value
  • SNG-4554 Report Builder: Tables: If copy column group unique values like (column name) should be changed in copied columns
  • SNG-4541 AnyTime VA for Matrix Multiple Choice doesn’t work

Updated on October 17, 2023
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