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Single Sign-On: Setup in two steps

With the release of Survalyzer Next Generation it is easier than ever to configure Single Sign-On without the support of Survalyzer.

There are two preconditions that this self service based configuration is possible:

  • Your Identity Provider is accessible over the Internet and supports SAML 2.0
  • You purchased the Survalyzer Corporate Package (If you haven’t please contact Sales)

Step 1: Setup Survalyzer in your Identity Provider

The following illustrations are based on Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Therefore it could look different if you use another Identity Provider.

Setup overview for SSO

The important information to setup the identity provider are:

  • EU Datacenter
    • Identifier: SurvalyzerEUServiceProvider
    • Reply Url: https://api.survalyzer-eu.app/api/Authentication/AssertionConsumerService
    • Relay State: https://{tenant}.survalyzer-eu.app/loginsso?tenant={tenant}&loginType=1
    • NameID: must contain E-Mail
  • CH Datacenter
    • Identifier: SurvalyzerCHServiceProvider
    • Reply Url: https://api.survalyzer-swiss.app/api/Authentication/AssertionConsumerService
    • Relay State: https://{tenant}.survalyzer-swiss.app/loginsso?tenant={tenant}&loginType=1
    • NameID: must contain E-Mail

The last step on the identity provider is to download the signing certificate in Base64 format and note the Login URL and the Azure AD identifier.

Step 2: Setup SSO in Survalyzer

In Survalyzer navigate to the account administration in the top right navigation and choose “Account”.

SSO setup in Survalyzer
  • Turn on the Single sign-on settings
  • Enter the Entity Name (Azure AD Identifier of illustration 1)
  • Enter the Description ({Company} {IdentityProvider Name})
  • Enter the Login service URL (Login URL of illustration 1)
  • Upload the base64 certificate of Step 1 as primary certificate
  • The secondary certificate is for expiring scenarios to be independent of a specific time to exchange the certificate. For now this should be left empty.
  • Save Settings
  • Logoff

By navigating to the base Url (https://{tenant}.survalyzer-eu.app for EU or https://{tenant}.survalyzer-swiss.app for CH) the newly configured SSO applies.

Updated on October 18, 2023
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