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Release 01 October 2021 – Week 39


  • SNG-2231 Build part: Change Question Type


  • SNG-3473 Admin page: The title of Create Support request should be displayed correctly
  • SNG-3472 Runtime page: Matrix SR question: Filter with Number of selected options should work correctly
  • SNG-3463 Build: Change Question Type: Remove Email and Date Questions from drop-down
  • SNG-3453 Build page: Change Question type: Star scale should not have more choices than default quantity
  • SNG-3440 Admin: Create Support Request: The “question” type should be set by default in drop-down list
  • SNG-3428 using login.survalyzer.com does not take the language setting from the profile
  • SNG-3385 [Backend] Cloud Sample: Quality Measurement: Bad Open End
  • SNG-3244 [Frontend]Online Report: Tabs functionality should be removed ?
  • SNG-2402 Basic Report: Completion/Started Rate: from 0-10% should be red color in Chart
  • SNG-2344 Basic Report: All interviews should be included in Report when Survey In Revision and Minimum number of interviews set to No
  • SNG-2343 Basic Report: Required # of interviews: Warning should be displayed in Excel Report when prod interviews not enough for analyze

Updated on October 17, 2023

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