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Release 08 October 2021 – Week 40


  • SNG-3455 new front-end api method to save Interview
  • SNG-3267 show corresponding element of the filter modal

Change Requests

  • SNG-3489 Change rule for async Excel Rawdata processing
  • SNG-3480 Update devextreme to the latest version – 21.1.6


  • SNG-3484 Complete forwarding in scope of Quotas go wrong in some circumstances
  • SNG-3478 Online report: Filter page: The text in Online Filter page should be displayed correctly
  • SNG-3475 Build: Change Question type: Filter to choice should stay if change type from Matrix to Drop-down
  • SNG-3469 Build: Change Question Type: Rank order question should be changed correctly to other questions
  • SNG-3466 Build: Change Question type: Error should not be displayed if change question type from Matrix to Semantic Differential
  • SNG-3460 Build: Change Question Type: Set filters for choices in Drop-down question should move to other type questions
  • SNG-3459 Build: Change Question Type: Single response question should be changed correctly to other type
  • SNG-3458 Build: Change Question type: N/A enabled should be enabled after change from any question to Open Question
  • SNG-3457 Build: Change Question Type: Implicit Association: selected N/A should be moved in new question type according to specification
  • SNG-3456 Build: Change question type: Rank Order: in Number of ranks setting should be set to number of all choices
  • SNG-3220 Edit Panel: Not possible to extend member below

Updated on Oktober 8, 2021

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