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Release 12 Februari 2021 – Week 06


  • [SNG-1425] – MFA Login

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2424] – Basic Report: Online-Report – Color changes for more than 6 colors
  • [SNG-2437] – Website Integration: Improve website Integration part II


  • [SNG-2046] – Runtime: Value Assignmemnt: Not user friendly error message is displayed after adding a duplicate e-mail/code to member variable
  • [SNG-2174] – FRONTEND: fr-view class missing on survey layout text edtor fields
  • [SNG-2416] – Message Layout: message text is not editable in message if source code mode of rte is used
  • [SNG-2438] – FRONTENT: Color Scheme Selectors should show Color Scheme Colors
  • [SNG-2445] – Runtime: Tool Tips: tool tips sometimes get stuck
  • [SNG-2448] – Basic Report: Response Statistics: Wrong value displayed for all interviews, when reported filtered
  • [SNG-2450] – [Frontend] Runtime: Labels Vanish for Rank Order Question
  • [SNG-2451] – Analyzing: PowerPoint and PDF report: Matrix question misses item (sub question) labels
  • [SNG-2452] – [Frontend] Report Labels are not shown
  • [SNG-2454] – [Frontend] Filter preview doesn’t work any longer
  • [SNG-2458] – [Frontend] Panel Sync: Email is not send and survey credit are not added
  • [SNG-2460] – [Frontend] Runtime: New Interview id should not be created and interview should not be reset to first page after refreshing
  • [SNG-2463] – Tool Tip is not visible
  • [SNG-2464] – Signup Email didn’t arrive
  • [SNG-2478] – Runtime: Rank Order: validation should not be displayed if respondent ranked all choices
Updated on Februar 12, 2021

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