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Release 18 December 2020 – Week 51


  • [SNG-1230] – Refactoring Task: Spinner should be loaded automatically if request takes longer than 2 seconds
  • [SNG-1478] – Email: Multi-Lingual Text Konfiguration
  • [SNG-1829] – Anonymisation on Workspace
  • [SNG-1867] – [Frontend] Story: Copy sample and survey data as a json bundle
  • [SNG-1881] – ValueAssignement: ReadOnly Method
  • [SNG-1887] – Tooltip integration Froala Editor

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2127] – Ignore Standard Fields from Import


  • [SNG-1985] – [BACKEND] Basic Report: Matrix SC/DD in table order should be the same on Build page
  • [SNG-2112] – runtime: openquestion with type e-mail validation not working with capitals
  • [SNG-2129] – autocomplete with “(” and “)” not accepted after selecting
  • [SNG-2132] – Runtime: filter urlvar != [string] does not return true
  • [SNG-2134] – Runtime: Code Access: Code value in URL should authenticate user
  • [SNG-2136] – Rawdata Export: files should not be generated when number of interview less than set in Workspace settings
  • [SNG-2149] – [Frontend] Runtime: Code Access Page: Multi-lingual surveys: does not handle language if custom hash is used
  • [SNG-2165] – Build: Warning related to Quotas should be updated
Updated on May 6, 2022

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