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Valid variable names in Survalyzer NG

In Survalyzer there are the following types of variables:

  • Question Variables
  • Member Variables
  • Url Variables
  • Custom Variables

The different type of variables have different constraints. For example the member variables are columns of a table in the database. These table names for example doesn’t support the following characters:

 %^&(){} ][”’

Another example is member variables which are used in placeholders which are used in the scope of HTML Text. If a member variable is named “Büchername” the related placeholder would be {member.Büchername} but since it is used in HTML the special characters are escaped. In fact the Placeholder would look like “{member.Büchername} which is not resolvable any longer.

Finally variables could be used in scope of calculations. In this scope the following symbols are invalid:


These are arithmetic operators which would give the formula a different meaning. For example “Buecher-Name” would try to find the variable Buecher and subtract the variable Name. This could lead to invalid filter conditions.

Therefore Survalyzer defined the valid set of characters for all variables to seek consistency and provide guidance to customers. The valid chars are:

a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _

This means that uppercase and lowercase latin letters as well as numbers could be used. The underscore is supposed to be used as separation character. To stick to the previous example this would result in {member.buecher_name} being a fully valid name in all scopes.

Updated on June 30, 2022

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