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Release 07 January 2021 – Week 01


  • [SNG-0501] – Survey Editing in Sidebar not possible when published
  • [SNG-0781] – Implement Legacy Sample
  • [SNG-1028] – Reminder Text should be worked over
  • [SNG-1037] – Extend and Adjust Education Page with NG information
  • [SNG-1164] – Report Builder: Online Report: Visual Base Components
  • [SNG-1888] – Set the Color of a survey
  • [SNG-2098] – Open Question: add an additional flag to change the open text to a password field

Change Requests

  • [SNG-0303] – Build: Text Fields: Max # of characters – how should be limited, how client should be informed
  • [SNG-1927] – [Frontend] Analyze/Report: Sync icon should be displayed in three cases
  • [SNG-2131] – Panel-Sync: Sign-Up should create personal link
  • [SNG-2210] – Workspace List: Replace Devextreme Grid with HTML Table
  • [SNG-2224] – Wizard: Filter component: do not remove selected filter from dropdown
  • [SNG-2247] – Workspaces: Sort the workspaces inside a ws-group alphabetically (A-Z)
  • [SNG-2262] – Remove the % translation calculation in scope of messages


  • [SNG-1930] – runtime: special characters are shown as html code
  • [SNG-1933] – Report Wizard: Exception is thrown if select language (like es-mx) and navigate next in wizard
  • [SNG-1989] – Basic Report Issues part 2
  • [SNG-2022] – Sampling Project/Distributor: Distribute button should be disabled if there is no invitation to be sent
  • [SNG-2088] – [Frontend] Add Tab-Support for Matrix Text-Cells
  • [SNG-2107] – [backend] Basic Report Issues part 3
  • [SNG-2155] – [backend] Sampling Project Wizard: Filter Step/Recipients step: # of members and members in the tabe should be updated once filter set on the page
  • [SNG-2167] – [Frontend] User with access to surveys from one workspace can view surveys from other workspace
  • [SNG-2168] – Opt-Out: UI Issues
  • [SNG-2180] – [backend] Word PDF Export doe not show the condition evaluator (show or hide)
  • [SNG-2193] – Runtime: Save Button should be displayed if setting is turned on
  • [SNG-2197] – Survey that is was previously closed cannot be modified anymore
  • [SNG-2208] – [frontend] froala: load files and media access at the moment when user clicks on cloud icon
  • [SNG-2212] – Invite Member: Sampling Project in following states (Draft and Closed) should not be available for Selection
  • [SNG-2214] – Invite Member: Survey in following states (Closed and Archived) should not be available for Selection
  • [SNG-2218] – Distribute: Filter reset in Distribution log table after clicking on Editing distributor button in draft reminder
  • [SNG-2221] – [backend] Analyse: Create Report: Filter step does not show question text and answer options
  • [SNG-2225] – passing urlvar01 inside survey tag does not work
  • [SNG-2240] –  (Polish client) cannot download Excel report
  • [SNG-2251] – IE: Runtime: rank order drag and drop wrong choice
  • [SNG-2252] – Swiss client receives a message when clicking the ‘Analyze’ page.
  • [SNG-2253] – Runtime: Former content of semi open-ended question field visible after going backwards in the interview
  • [SNG-2255] – Runtime: Open question: The validation of Password/Password confirmation is worked only if the Force response (mandatory question) is setted
  • [SNG-2256] – Runtime: Open question: The error message is displayed if enter 8 valid characters in Password/Password confirmation fields
  • [SNG-2257] – Runtime: Mandatory question with filtered items can be skipped when answers in filter question are changed
  • [SNG-2258] – [backend] Download Opt-Out: all opt-out items should be included into generated file
  • [SNG-2265] – Runtime: Third Party Sample: Redirect to Complete link is not working
Updated on October 17, 2023
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