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Release 10 December 2020 – Week 50


  • [SNG-0925] – User Types: Essential vs Professional / Functional Access rights management

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2113] – Loading of Translation Resources


  • [SNG-1783] – [Frontend]: Admin: Email validation the same for all fields
  • [SNG-1903] – Backend: Remove unnecessary paragraph between question and choices / after question text
  • [SNG-1948] – Reset Form ist not of pw forgot screen ignores language properties
  • [SNG-2027] – Basic Report: Undefined displayed in link for external report
  • [SNG-2047] – [Frontend] Panel Sync needs to be case insensetive
  • [SNG-2077] – [frontend]: support surveylinks like: exitsurvey=de
  • [SNG-2087] – [backend]: reopen survey flags interview as deleted
  • [SNG-2090] – [backend]: placeholder resolvement in redeem points function doesn’t work (in mail with voucher code)
  • [SNG-2091] – [Backend] Distribute: If close Sampling Project – Distributors should not be deleted
  • [SNG-2092] – Sample/Panel: Only Excel format file should be available for upload on the Select file page
  • [SNG-2093] – [backend]: voucher code api returns unwanted word redeem
  • [SNG-2096] – [Backend] analyse: raw data import fails for slider questions
  • [SNG-2117] – Build: Changes in default language texts are not saved
  • [SNG-2122] – [Backend] Json bundle import should assign correct panel id
  • [SNG-2123] – Distribute: If closed Survey (not published) – sampling project (except Draft) should not be deleted
Updated on October 17, 2023
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