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Release 13 January 2023 – Week 02


  • SNG-4560 Report Builder: Translate
  • SNG-5057 [Backend] Apply Limits to Series/Categories according to Office formats


  • SNG-4988 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Column with Chart shouldn’t be selected in series; column label shouldn’t be changed
  • SNG-5006 Pro Report: Tables: Value displayed instead of Row Label in Chart
  • SNG-5010 [Frontend] Semantic Differential doesn’t show correct charts in Excel Export
  • SNG-5039 [Backend] PPTX export of gauge is cut of and doesn’t show any number
  • SNG-5042 Opt-Out Lists: Delete icon for Email Spam Complaints should be removed
  • SNG-5043 Report should open first page
  • SNG-5047 QT: Implicit Association: Move Feature from Professional to Professional Analytics
  • SNG-5048 Manage Code Plan: Member variable issues
  • SNG-5052 Report Builder: Authorization Panel: Warning or dummy condition should be set
  • SNG-5056 Distribute: Download bounce and complaint statistic
  • SNG-5058 Translate: Import Excel 03:00 is changed to decimal
Updated on October 17, 2023
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