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Release 15 Januari 2021 – Week 02

Change Requests

  • [SNG-1139] – Frontend: Add Text Input Size Option to Matrix Question
  • [SNG-1824] – [Frontend] Report Wizard: Filter step: add number of responses value
  • [SNG-1904] – Froala Classes need to be added to editable layout fields
  • [SNG-1998] – If user has access to one workspace then open workspace
  • [SNG-2169] – [backend]: workspaces extend export with users (2nd sheet)
  • [SNG-2241] – Third Party Sample: Quota modal has survey elements from Not Published Survey Version
  • [SNG-2259] – Runtime: Support Language Switch
  • [SNG-2260] – [backend] New Account Creation: Default Survey Layout: footer textblock should have id: footer_textblock
  • [SNG-2277] – [backend] Add new survey/report languages fr-ch and it-ch
  • [SNG-2278] – 3rd party sample: answering survey 2nd time should not be possible


  • [SNG-1956] – Basic Report: Implicit Association: selected N/A should be specified in table (styleguide updated already)
  • [SNG-1961] – Distribute: Rename Anonymous Survey Hash: do not allow A-Z characters
  • [SNG-1984] – [backend] Report: PowerPoint: Add percentage values to Charts
  • [SNG-2009] – Panel: The field doesn`t move up and the error message is displayed in the Variables page
  • [SNG-2066] – Runtime: Filter: order of conditions should not change filtering result
  • [SNG-2073] – Panel: Add/Edit Member: password not match error should not displayed when passwords indeed matched
  • [SNG-2205] – [backend] Third Party Wizard: Exception is thrown if Launch Sample having quota to custom variable present in several sections
  • [SNG-2207] – [backend] users should not be able to modify resources in /shared directory
  • [SNG-2211] – [Backend] Distribute page: Selected channel way on wizard does not perform on Distribute page
  • [SNG-2216] – [backend] Invite/Remind member: Sampling Project Wizard: Summary Step: Opt-Out verification should be done and if member is in opt-out – then information should be displayed
  • [SNG-2217] – [frontend] Remind Member: Sampling Project in the closed state should not be available for Selection
  • [SNG-2238] – [Backend] Extend Cleanup Function
  • [SNG-2270] – [backend] analyse: filtering on urlvar01 in single character not working
  • [SNG-2271] – Filter Conjunction is not changeable for german user profiles
  • [SNG-2272] – Out of memory Exception by using value assignment
  • [SNG-2283] – [backend] Client cannot download SPSS report
  • [SNG-2284] – Runtime: Quota: Redirect to Complete link is not happened if click f5 before
  • [SNG-2285] – Files and Media: workspace 287 has no access to contain Document and Images directories
  • [SNG-2286] – Unknown message layout: active message cannot be opened when message layout has been deleted
  • [SNG-2297] – Build: Translate UI: chinese languages are missing in the lang drop downs
  • [SNG-2301] – Value Assignement: Matrix indexter should work with member vriables
  • [SNG-2304] – Runtime: Open question (mandatory question + N/A option)
  • [SNG-2308] – Basic Report: Reports not generated with Implicit Association
  • [SNG-2313] – Survey Layout: It is not possible to save any changes in Survey Layout
Updated on May 4, 2022

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