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Release 20 August 2021 – Week 33

Change Requests

  • SNG-3115 [frontend] Sampling Project Wizard: it should be possible to filter by member ID field


  • SNG-3300 Sampling project: It should be possible to create Sampling project with any channels
  • SNG-3298 [backend] Cloud Sample: Extended languages should be present in language drop-down list in Dynata wizard
  • SNG-3294 Cloud Sample: Only available in Survey Language should be available in Language drop-down at Name Step
  • SNG-3285 Runtime: In Progress URL Forwarding and Allow Multiple Participation False
  • SNG-3284 Cloud Sample: UI issues in Wizard part1
  • SNG-3270 Runtime: Slider: The values should not appear, if question was hidden and go Next and Back
  • SNG-3250 Runtime: All matrix star scales should be highlighted in yellow, when force response is set for question and there are no answers
  • SNG-3078 [backend] Segmented report CUBE: All segments should be functioning correctly
  • SNG-3074 Runtime/Build: Image in opened pop-up should be in its original size
  • SNG-2477 Build: Filter UI issues

Updated on augustus 20, 2021

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