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Release 10 March 2023 – Week 10


  • SNG-4355 [Frontend] Implement Distributors for Invitations sent from surveys
  • SNG-5075 Initial Chart Series Creation (Iteration II)
  • SNG-5186 Update Backend to .Net7
  • SNG-5305 [Frontend] Add OpenId Information in Account


  • SNG-3937 [Backend] Reports: Task to create bug in supplier application
  • SNG-4443 Sample/Panel: Variables: It should be possible to add negative number as a label’s value
  • SNG-4684 [Backend] Pro Report: Export to Powerpoint fails
  • SNG-4930 [Backend] Generated Reports: Tables: Column with Chart in it should be empty in generated reports
  • SNG-5081 Pro Report: Tables: ‘Average’ column’s label should be changed to ‘Mean’
  • SNG-5222 [Backend] Analyze: Pro Report: Translation Part: Excel import does not fill labels, when elements did not have a label in other languages before
  • SNG-5274 PA: Time segmentation: default format
  • SNG-5276 PA: Table Wizard: Column Labels cannot be changed when table segmentation selected in table wizard
  • SNG-5285 PA: Table Wizard: NPS question wrong default NPS value format + unable to create chart from table
  • SNG-5286 Pro Report: Filter & Conditions: Issues
  • SNG-5290 Feature: Remove Opt-Outs from Panel is only available for Panels not for Samples
  • SNG-5293 PA: Table filters: Missing interview states in filters
  • SNG-5295 Pro Report: Share Report: Language name is not displayed for two-word language keys
  • SNG-5297 PA: Issues around table wizard and value format default behavior
  • SNG-5303 Manage Code Plan: Adding labels issues
  • SNG-5304 Manage Code Plan: Translation: List of value label pairs cannot be saved for not translated langauge
  • SNG-5306 PA – Dynamic Filter: Remove placeholder validation
  • SNG-5307 [Backend] When downloading an SPSS file incl all answers without limit time period, the columns Variable labels and Value labels of the SPSS document didn’t contain labels/text, but HTML tags.
  • SNG-5309 Analyze: Cannot download SPSS report
  • SNG-5312 Panel: When navigating to Variables page in Meta Panel – exception thrown
  • SNG-5316 Pro Report: External table shows no rows
  • SNG-5321 Report Builder: Tables: in Add Condition for row/column modal should be added “Use free text input to use placeholders” functionality
  • SNG-5326 Distribute Page: Wrong name of Send email sampling project
Updated on October 18, 2023
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