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Release 24 March 2023 – Week 12


  • SNG-3798 [Frontend] Iphone: Runtime: Integer field: if open number keyboard – page scaled closer and some text and button are not fully displayed on the screen
  • SNG-4054 [Frontend] Report Refactoring: Matrix with Semi-open: If only Integer/Real data type in columns and no answers were given, then no table should be displayed
  • SNG-4102 [Frontend] Admin: Report Layout: Add tooltip and gray icon with question mark next to “Page width”
  • SNG-4108 [Frontend] Report Layout: If change page width items should be rescaled automatically
  • SNG-4109 [Frontend] Report Layout: Typography: “Regular” should be selected by default for –°ustom font
  • SNG-4318 [Frontend] Sampling Project Wizard: Filter: Tag box with search should be added when there are more than 50 distinct values to be selected
  • SNG-4319 Cloud Sample Wizard: Cloud Quotas: Save changes button should be disabled if validation error occurs
  • SNG-4527 [Frontend] Pro Report: Dynamic Filters: Placeholder text is missing in drop-downs
  • SNG-4553 [Frontend] Distribute: Shared Panel: Invite more participants button should be hidden
  • SNG-4587 Pro Report – Table export – prevent html in excel cells
  • SNG-4629 Pro Report: Support Multiline script support
  • SNG-4909 Report Builder: Text Element: Tooltip used on placeholder deletes all other data from text element
  • SNG-4916 [Frontend] Report Builder: Chart in Column: Segmented Column selected in the chart
  • SNG-4921 [Frontend] Report Builder: Chart in Column: X-axis min, max and interval setting should be hidden if empty(null)
  • SNG-4949 TBD: How and when to handle chart type switches. See gauge
  • SNG-5144 [Backend] Build: Undo: For ‘Survey Description’ enabled or disabled undo/redo doesn’t work
  • SNG-5248 Pro Report: Charts: Tooltip is not displayed for spider chart with more than 36 categories
  • SNG-5267 PA: missing label in dropdown
  • SNG-5301 [Frontend] Multiple choice exclusive option: Rule out possibility to bypass exclusive validation
  • SNG-5334 [Frontend] Samples: Remove metadata option from the UI only for variables (integer with option, list)
  • SNG-5345 [Backend] Segmented Report: Bad Quality should be displayed in summary page
  • SNG-5350 Report Builder: Filtering: Different results are displayed for similar filter conditions (exclude/include/equals/not equals)
  • SNG-5354 [Frontend] MaxDiff: Add Item button should be disabled/hidden if present 50 items already
  • SNG-5357 Frontend: Style generator error, Layout issue for portal
  • SNG-5361 [Backend] Unable to download Word/PDF export file of a particular survey from a client
  • SNG-5363 Max Diff: UI issues
  • SNG-5364 [Backend] Report Builder: Tables: Ordering in columns shouldn’t be changed if edit Template field in Advanced Cell Template
  • SNG-5368 PA: Charts: Opening solid gauge chart in the report builder causes to loose selected category
  • SNG-5369 [Backend] Refreshing the cube throws dozens of Deadlock Exceptions
  • SNG-5370 [Frontend] Dozens of Error Messages for different Tenants
  • SNG-5372 Build: Max Diff questions availability for user license
  • SNG-5373 [Frontend] Runtime: Placeholder: for Max Diff should be displayed real with 3 digits after comma
  • SNG-5374 Report Builder: Date type variable should be removed for selection in Variable Segmentation Type
  • SNG-5377 Max Diff: Sequences should be randomized for each participants
  • SNG-5380 Build: Max Diff: Exception shouldn’t be thrown if enable in console
  • SNG-5381 PA: Consider Tick Interval in Word & Powerpoint
  • SNG-5390 [Backend] Pen-Test finding – data breach
  • SNG-5391 Basic Report: Max Diff: Labels in chart (bar) are too close to the axis
  • SNG-5393 [Frontend] Build: Max Diff: If add items via copy-paste “Items per subquestion” also should be changed
  • SNG-5395 Build: Max Diff: Selected smaller option in Items per subquestion setting should be applied in Question itself
Updated on October 18, 2023
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