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Release 18 November 2022 – Week 46


  • SNG-4640 [Frontend] Solve the Gap Issue for numbers
  • SNG-4777 [Backend] Validate the contracts for ReportDefinition
  • SNG-4782 [Frontend] Scroll behavior of embedded survey on page switch


  • SNG-3837 Basic report: Stacked bar chart should not be available for Matrix Text: Number + Real in Wizard
  • SNG-3865 [Frontend] Public API: Creating sample members with the API can insert e-mail addresses that does not match the respective RegEx
  • SNG-3876 Admin: Dutch language: Impossible to search for Nederlands (= Dutch) in drop-down list
  • SNG-3895 Prevent accidential account deletion
  • SNG-4652 Pro Report: Charts: Investigate case styling set in RTE applied in Custom Value Label in sidebar
  • SNG-4800 Report Builder: Charts: Segmented columns in Series
  • SNG-4805 Chart Builder: Chart created from table does not have series label displayed
  • SNG-4810 [Frontend] Report Builder: Tables: Time Segmentation: Should date format influence to segmentation
  • SNG-4816 Report Builder: Charts: In added series should be selected next available column in Value Column
  • SNG-4818 Report Builder: Exceptions
  • SNG-4819 Report Builder: Charts: If drag and drop charts – they should not changed places
  • SNG-4821 Build: API Service Call: Make window bigger
  • SNG-4831 Report Builder: Charts: Exception shouldn’t be thrown, if change Chart type from Word Cloud to any other type
Updated on October 17, 2023
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