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Release 4 November 2022 – Week 44


  • SNG-4612 [Backend] Change Highcharts Serialization


  • SNG-4666 Report Builder: RefreshCharts method should be used instead of CalculateReportResults
  • SNG-4712 PA: Page builder: Tile with 2 charts doesn’t show 2nd chart in tile
  • SNG-4716 Report Builder: Chart Name cases
  • SNG-4718 [Frontend] Performance of expanding tables is not sufficient
  • SNG-4735 Report Builder: Add Chart button issues
  • SNG-4737 [Backend] Report Builder: Tables: for enabled “Add All Segment” – additional column/row should be added
  • SNG-4738 [Frontend] Report Builder: Tables: Segmentation: Labels should be displayed instead of values in added column/rows via segmentation
  • SNG-4739 Report Builder: Segmentation: In table calculated results for Segmented Column/Table were missing
  • SNG-4747 Report Builder: When copying tables – focus should be on copied table
  • SNG-4749 Report Builder: Charts: Exception thrown in specific case
  • SNG-4750 VA: issue with dateTime
  • SNG-4754 Report Builder: Charts: Added Chart should be displayed on the page right away
  • SNG-4756 [Frontend] Click on Single Sign On = On throws exception
  • SNG-4757 Report Builder: Tables: exception shouldn’t be thrown if copy table without table name (was converted from basic report)
  • SNG-4768 [Backend] Report Builder: Tables: Exception thrown if add segmentation column and table segmentation to the table
Updated on October 17, 2023
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