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Release 28 October 2022 – Week 43


  • SNG-4389 [Frontend] Support dx Row Template for pro Tables


  • SNG-4740 [Backend] Report Builder: Tables: Should be possible to enter Custom Formula
  • SNG-4736 ServiceCall Finding: Condition Filter are not serialised correctly (math.js)
  • SNG-4734 Report Builder: Dimension issues
  • SNG-4733 Report Builder: Map chart: should be displayed and setting for it on Charts should be hidden
  • SNG-4728 Report Builder: Chart: Custom Value Label: In RTE, in Placeholders section should be displayed examples of different format, so that user can be select from them
  • SNG-4727 Report Builder: Chart issues
  • SNG-4708 Report Builder: It shouldn’t be possible to delete Column in the table if it is used in the Chart
  • SNG-4699 Report Builder: Charts: ‘Add Series’ cases
  • SNG-4695 Report Builder: Charts: Columns shouldn’t be duplicated in Value Column in Series
  • SNG-4690 Report Builder: Charts: Exception thrown shouldn’t be thrown if enter decimal into integer type field. it is displayed for less than a second
  • SNG-4689 Text-Tile: Charts reference placeholder doesn’t work
  • SNG-4641 Report Builder: Charts: Gauge Chart issues
  • SNG-4491 [Frontend] Report Builder: If copy Table then in (Copy) should be added to the table name
Updated on October 17, 2023
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