Page break

The page break is a feature that allows you to split your survey into multiple pages. Without page breaks, all questions and text blocks – in a section – will be displayed in consecutive order on one page.

If you include a page break in a survey, the Next button will be generated. This button is shown to the participant when filling out his/her survey. The participant will only see the questions before the page break. The next questions will only appear, after he/she has clicked the Next button.

Page breaks in a survey do not only enhance the clarity. These elements also ensure that the survey participants’ answers to questions are included in the online report and the downloaded raw data (Excel), if these participants have not completed the corresponding survey. The answers supplied by them are then nevertheless recorded. This recording will take place each time a participant clicks the Next button (see image above) at the end of a question or a series of questions. This button appears at the position of each page break you have inserted in the survey.

If you tick the Force page break in print export setting, then a page break will be included in the PDF file which can be downloaded by a participant at the end of the survey. Click here for a description of the PDF download procedure.

Note: Since Essential customers cannot divide the questionnaire into sections and can only use page breaks to format the text appropriately, these page breaks are not considered questions (max. 50).

Updated on November 14, 2022
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