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Release 04 March 2022 – Week 09


  • SNG-3951 Copy & Paste icon and Delete icon in panel variable context
  • SNG-3923 PDF Download: download ready notification
  • SNG-3912 [Frontend] Change Chart Export Rendering from Highcharts to our own Chart Export API
  • SNG-3903 Admin: Data Access Control: Restrictions for Essential User
  • SNG-3888 Online Report layout selectable in reports
  • SNG-3859 Enable PDF download for basic reports in logged in state
  • SNG-3772 Pro Report Wizard
  • SNG-3753 Variable Value Label UI


  • SNG-3949 Admin: Basic reports: Online/Word/PDF should work without errors
  • SNG-3948 [backend] Admin: Basic Excel/PPTX reports should be downloaded without errors for Archived surveys
  • SNG-3947 [frontend] Admin: Analyze page: Error message should not be displayed in Analyze page for Archived surveys
  • SNG-3946 Rawdata Export doesn’t work for archived surveys
  • SNG-3942 [Backend] Prod: Rawdata Export: Exception thrown if click download
  • SNG-3941 Library: Message layouts: Opening a message layout and closing it without any changes removes layout elements
  • SNG-3940 Layout: Icon should be in normal size
  • SNG-3932 Conditional acccess right issue: rawdata export not working
  • SNG-3930 [backend] Download PDF: Corrupted Japanese characters
  • SNG-3929 Pro Report: Remove ability to download rawdata table “allow export” property
  • SNG-3927 Analyze: Data Access Control (without conditional option) should be available for Pro/Essential user even if data access setting disabled for the user
  • SNG-3926 Survey API doesn’t work as expected
  • SNG-3921 Table: Extend Pro Table with Tool Tip
  • SNG-3915 Pro report: Footer text in the Open questions should not overlap another chart
  • SNG-3896 [backend] Subscription items: SLA, Custom Logic items should be possible to add to the table many times
Updated on October 17, 2023
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