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Release 11 February 2022 – Week 06


  • SNG-3892 Add Data Access for users granted the right
  • SNG-3864 Implement Rate Limit
  • SNG-3786 Tile Footer Text
  • SNG-3744 [Frontend] Add selection for chart type for open questions and semi-open questions


  • SNG-3910 Some tiles hidden (when applying filter condition)
  • SNG-3909 Exception is thrown, when selecting specific Cluster value, not able to download report
  • SNG-3902 Analyze: Exception is thrown, if open page with Data Access control = Public/Conditional for superadmin
  • SNG-3900 Generated Report: Segmented: Responses rate over time section: rows should be sorted by date TimeStamp column
  • SNG-3898 Opt-out functionality doesn’t function at all
  • SNG-3874 [frontend] Segmented report: Report should be downloaded without errors
  • SNG-3873 Essential user cannot duplicate question elements. The client hasn’t yet used all 50 elements.
  • SNG-3867 [backend] – Panelsync: Delete rawdata field for password questions
  • SNG-3835 Restrictions for Essential user in Distribute and Analyze pages
  • SNG-3831 Question library: It should be possible to add elements from the catalog to survey by Essential user
  • SNG-3470 Build: Filter dropdowns close on their own
  • SNG-3332 [frontend] Panel/Sample import: The progress bar should be displayed until the process of importing not completed
  • SNG-2930 Runtime: interviewExportTemplate generates an emtpy page before content
  • SNG-2564 Basic Report: Open Question, Semi-open: Values listed in Autocomplete should also have Word Cloud

Updated on October 17, 2023
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