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Release 17 December 2021 – Week 50


  • SNG-3724 Optimize Performance for Chart Rendering

Change Requests

  • SNG-3738 Meta panel: Download JSON panel definition button should be available and working
  • SNG-3725 Distribute: Third Party Sample: Edit Quotas modal: Add Target Size field, so that user can change it
  • SNG-3704 NPS Chart: Change Stacked Bar Height Behaviour
  • SNG-3703 Extend highlightTooltip for all ChartTypes
  • SNG-3701 Timebased Segmentation


  • SNG-3749 Reports: For Integer/Real data type open question missed table with calculated values
  • SNG-3748 Panel/Sample: Add one more tool tip for Remind icon if personal link (via code access)
  • SNG-3745 Distribute: Survey custom hash from deleted language: should be able to use again
  • SNG-3743 Admin: NPS Question: Translate page issues
  • SNG-3734 Pro Report: Word Cloud has warning that N value is too small if set required number of interviews set in workspace
  • SNG-3733 Distribute page: The information in sidebar should be updated immediately after closing/reopening Sampling project
  • SNG-3732 Analyze: Pro Report Data Table: Filter IsNotEmpty does not work right
  • SNG-3728 Basic Report Wizard: For Matrix question Stacked Bar chart should be the default chart and Bar chart should be available in opened drop-down with chart types
  • SNG-3339 Meta Panel: Sampling Projects tab should not be displayed if open Incentive page
  • SNG-3322 Panel: after copy variable focus should be on new element
  • SNG-3296 Sampling Project Wizard: Channel Tiles should be of the same size
  • SNG-3291 Third Party Sample: Quota Name field should be aligned with Number of Responses fields
  • SNG-3290 Third Party Sample: Copied Quota cell has too many characters in Quota Name, while no error about it

Updated on October 17, 2023
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